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Founded in 2002, MEGAMOSSA INC. with Innovative research & development based pharmaceutical company, engaging in the development of generic and novel drug delivery systems that provide innovative solutions to the current global healthcare needs, with new technologies. Keep production and provide global services in US, UK and CHINA.


With THE-STATE-OF-THE-ART pharma grade production facility of 94,000㎡, with more than 400 dedicated employees,  To follow up the guideline of EU CGMP and US FDA cGMP, MEGAMOSSA INC. manufactures and pack all products by the world-leading production line from Europe and the United States, include Lab, pilot and production scale, and operated by the MES management system and all are in safe cleanroom. it can be perceived as an integrated system of activities related to the management of product safety.  


R&D laboratory in New Jersey, USA in 2012,

The marketing offices in new York in 2013,

The branch company in London, UK, in 2014

The liaison office in Vancouver, Canada in 2014.


The ONLY legal license holder for pure synthetic nicotine in China with complete high-end pharmaceutical production system.


The process, CBD product, supply chain cooperation

Hemp-Based Products

As a premium CBD company, we believe that if you want to create the best products available, excellence must be a priority at every stage. With this as a guidepost, we can partner with the right experts to achieve a high quality standard.


We’ve Partnered With the Finest

To further our mission of crafting the world’s best CBD products, we choose our partners carefully. We have partnered with the sharpest minds in the industry and a team of farmers and extractors who are committed to cultivating clean and premium hemp-derived technology.


our innovative and thorough product development team ensures that every single ingredient used is meticulously sourced and lab tested. They remain committed to crafting new and refining existing formulas that lead set new standards for quality and efficacy.


all kinds of cooperation,the partnership, customized processing, OEM/ODM service, long-term supply etc. are welcomed.

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